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The King Cruiser Wreck

Divers : Advanced / Experienced Only

Dive the famous King Cruiser Wreck, an 85 meter long passenger catamaran ferry that lies upright in 32 meters of water. This eerie shipwreck and huge artificial reef has evolved into a fantastic natural reef and attracts enormous numbers of fish.  

It is also home to a large variety of other marine life, as well, and can attract giant schools of travelly, snappers and other schooling fish seeking shelter within its vast hull. Big open passage ways, the car deck and bridge area make for easy exploration. Take care, though, as surfaces have become encrusted with coral and barnacles and are extremely sensitive and sharp. On the upper levels you'll spot lionfish and big schools of fusiliers and around the hull you may see barracuda and jacks patrolling. The overall integrity of many support structures have been compromised due to degradation over time, so not all entry points may be safe. condition compromised integrity support structures

Nearby Shark Point and Anemone Reef dive sites have some of the most colourful and spectacular soft corals in the area.

Note: Due to the greater depths, currents and often limited visibility, in addition to potentially unsafe structures mean these sites can be fairly challenging and are only suitable for Advanced Divers with a minimum of 20 dives who have dived recently.

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