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Kled Gaeow Wreck

Divers :  Advanced / Experienced Only

Dive the recently-sunk Kled Gaeow Wreck, a retired Gunship that was originally launched in 1948 as the RNoMS Norfest (Norway) in 1948. It was bought and commissioned into the Royal Thai Navy and renamed Kled Gaeow in 1956.

It has now found its final resting place by being purposely sunk just off Phi Phi Ley on the 19th March 2014. The 50m steel-hulled vessel lies at a depth of 26m, with the top of the tower at approximately 14m.  The Kled Geaow’s bow faces due North with a 20 degree starboard (Eastern) tilt.

The Wreck has been prepared to allow for safe penetration and a number of entries with rope guides have been created. At the bow you can find the cooler room that was used to keep produce fresh. Follow the large guide rope from the back of the cooler room leading you out towards the main storage area in the hull and up and through the tower. At the back of the hull, where the engine used to be, there is a small (square) porthole, which is just big enough to fit a diver with tank on and leads into a largish compartment. As you enter this compartment, turn right and follow the staircase on your right, which leads back up into the tower. At the bow of the wreck there is another compartment where the anchor and chains would have been kept. This compartment has a roof hatch entry and also a door to exit. Attached is a line from the tower to assist in safety stops and this is buoyed with an 8" buoy at around 3 meters from the surface.

Note: Due to the greater depths, currents and often limited visibility, this site can be quite challenging and is only suitable for Advanced Divers with a minimum of 20 dives who have dived recently.

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